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Financial Aid

United Tribes Technical College
The Financial Aid Office’s goal is to provide UTTC students with prompt, accurate and courteous financial aid assistance.

When it comes to funding your education, you are not alone. Grants and work-studies can help make college affordable. Funding your education is a major financial commitment and UTTC provides services and resources that help you understand your complete costs, the resources available to help you pay, and how to manage your money successfully on- and off-campus.

All documents submitted to United Tribes Technical College become the property of United Tribes and cannot be photocopied or returned.

Funding Your Education

Apply for financial aid

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Every student should complete this application, regardless of her or his family’s financial status. FAFSA information determines the amount each student is eligible to receive from a broad range of financial aid, including federal and state grants, federally-subsidized student work-study, and/or loans. Even if FAFSA results do not demonstrate financial need, everybody qualifies for some form of financial aid.

  • School code 014470
    Include the code for the United Tribes Technical College on your FAFSA. Results will be sent here automatically.
  • Priority deadlines, every year
    Apply as soon after January 1 as possible of each academic year in which you want to receive the aid.

    • Priority deadline for incoming freshmen: March 1
      Deadline to ensure that new, incoming freshmen receive an estimated award prior to the May 1 enrollment confirmation deadline.
    • Priority deadline for returning students: February 15
      If you submit your FAFSA by these priority deadlines, you increase the likelihood that you will receive grants and/or scholarships that do not have to be repaid.
  • Your financial aid at United Tribes Technical College
    • Estimated awards for incoming freshman will be mailed to the address listed on your application.
    • Returning students will receive an estimated award letter and budget to your UTTC email account.
  • Do you qualify for financial aid?
    Orient yourself to the legal, academic, and financial requirements for different forms of financial aid.
Complete additional requirements

You may receive a request for additional documentation by mail or email if anything is required.

  • Verification
    If your application is selected for a process called verification, submit all requested documentation so your application can be verified as accurate and truthful. We cannot process your financial aid without this required information.
  • Other examples
    You may be asked to document your citizenship status, Selective Service registration, dependency status, transcripts from previous schools, or other information.
Financial aid under review

Your financial aid file may remain at step 3 for an extended period of time while UTTC finalizes the cost of attendance for the new school year. The college will receive an Institutional Report from your FAFSA information to create a fair financial aid package for every applicant. Once the review process is completed, you will be offered a package of financial aid awards that are as favorable as possible, given the school’s resources and your financial situation.

Disbursement of funds

Disbursement is the process by which financial aid funds are transferred into your student account to pay your bill. The amount transferred depends on your award and your credit load.

  • Excess funds
    Funds are disbursed on set dates throughout the academic year. Please visit our website to review these important dates. Funds can only be disbursed after they have been received by the school and allocated to each student’s account.

Steps to Apply

Create an FSA ID by creating a Username or by entering a Verified Email Address and an FSA Password. Remember to keep your FSA ID and Password in a safe place as you will need it in order to renew your FAFSA every academic year.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – Complete the FAFSA at You are required to complete this every academic year that you are enrolled in school. You will need a copy of your previous year’s income tax returns and your parents (if applicable). Include the School code: 014470 for the United Tribes Technical College on your FAFSA. Your results will be automatically sent to the colleges listed on your FAFSA.

An award letter will be provided that is as favorable as possible, given the college’s resources and your financial situation. The award letter outlines the types of financial aid that you are eligible for and an estimate outlining your cost of attendance. You will receive this document via email.

Additional Requirements:

A Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to the school after you have completed your FAFSA. Based on the information received from the Department of Education, you may be required to submit the following documents:

Verification – If your application is selected for verification, the Financial Aid office will notify you via your student email indicating which form you are required to complete and additional documents needed. You will be required to complete, sign and submit all documents within 5 days of receiving your notification by email. Verification forms can be found in the Resources Section. If you this is not completed in a timely manner, your financial aid may be suspended for the academic term.

Additional Documents – You may be required to produce documents attesting to your citizenship, selective service registration, dependency status, transcripts from previously attended schools, document changes made to your FAFSA, and/or other information as required by the Department of Education or the Financial Aid Director.

Credit Load Requirement- Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits per semester to be eligible for most financial aid funding or to place existing student loans into deferment status. For additional information on deferment of student loans, please see the Resources Section.