Student Internships

Some majors have required internships which is similar to a part time job in the field you are studying, except credit is earned. Most internships are paid at $14.00 per hour. The following departments have these requirements near the end of finishing a degree.

Internships are on and off campus. The Career Services Director assists in finding internships that satisfy requirements and are related to the students interest.

Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree 120 hours

Human Social Services Associate’s Degree 45 hours

Graphic Design 45 Hours

Culinary Arts 100 Hours

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 45 Hours

Elementary Education as set out by the Department of Instruction including field experience and student teaching

Environmental Science and Research 45 Hours (optional)

Non-Academic Credit Internships are also available if a student wants a paid learning experience within the field of study. These are also paid. Contact Career Services for more information.